Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Simple Knitted Bodice

You haven't seen the Coquette lace tube top yet which was my middle step from hats to actual clothing. Anyway I'm feeling quite accomplished having reached a new milestone in my knitting- and it's still less than a year since knitmedic first taught me to cast-on in Morrocco! If only I can complete a beautiful lace item like Icarus by late June then I can look back happily and marvel at my (and everyone else's progress.)

In other news:
The MuJew Knitters mentioned below are planning a wonderful cultural craft event so we can learn the traditional arts of our cultures- like henna or Jewish dancing (yay!) And of course a Knitathon! It's all to raise funds for Laura's amazing art project - "It is a two week summer camp for palestinian and israeli children to spend time together using art (theatre, textiles, photography etc etc ) as a way to work together and break down barriers."
My other great entrepreneural concept is to go into Jayne Cobb cunning hat production using factory yarns and sell them to the Facebook Firefly fans.

"Man walks down the street in a hat like that, you know he's not afraid of anything."
Wash, in "The Message."

It's apparently World Wide Knit in Public day on Saturday 9th June. I'm going to settle myself on a patch of grass in Piccadilly gardens with a pile of yarn, a parasol if it's sunny and my knitpicks if anyone wants to join me. I don't know if people feel shy about knitting outside- or if it feels like too boldly conspicuous a public statement. My knitting peers feel no shame in clicking away on buses and trains, accepting smiles and compliments from random commuters and old ladies. On the other hand my Arabic teacher did say it was freaky and she would kill me if I took out my needles again so perhaps there are some places (classrooms in my case) where knitting is not universally welcome. However that may be, a moment to collect together and demonstrate that the knitting and craft revolution IS taking place is always fun. Soon we will be able to make Everything (almost) and Primarky places will be made redundant.

There is also a mini 'street art' project I'm waiting to do- time and spray paint is lacking at the moment. When it's done I'll put up before and after photos but I don't want to use up my energy explaining it beforehand. Does anyone have a close up picture of the back of a gaudy bangali rickshaw?

ps. At the risk of making this post prohibitively long, we gave Knitmedic a yarn swift and wool winder for her birthday- but not before I wound up all my laceweight skeins. I was waxing lyrical and bursting to post about the wondrous, dreamlike ease of it compared to all the previous, hair-tearingly frustrating, winding experiences- where every skein would unfailing end in a dashed tangle. The "dashed" does, in this case, cover a much stronger expression)


SundAe said...

Hey hey! If you can't guess who this is I shall think you a simpleton! Like the alias?

I have to say I've not been checking this blog since about january! Sowwy! The bodice looks fab!! I feel inspired to knit away over the summer. :)

warm as toast said...

My delightful little Sundae- what a wonderful name my dear one. Conjures up icecream topped with cherries and sunshine and lazy sunday mornings all in one. And makes Sunderland sound far more attractive all of a sudden :p

No need for guilt! I'm always slightly surprised to find a comment here because though I type merrily to the world I have no great expectation of being read.

warm as toast said...

oh i just realised that if i crash at your place this weekend we can reward our revision with hard earned firefly and I can maybe teach you how to make a Jayne hat so you'll be able to produce them while languishing in Bangladesh.. Ambitious but not impossible :)

Your blog is changing every second- i take it you're at an experimental stage?

SundAe said...

My blog is changing? I wasn't aware of this. I am, however, aware that you edited this post to include the Jayne hat and the little quote from firefly! Love it!! :D