Saturday, March 31, 2007

Brief notes

In case I get to lazy to blog any more I need to note down two major non-NY knitting events in my life.

- the working to the bone winding green skeins of factory yarn to pass round campus in a ridiculously over ambitious attempt to guerrila knit the university trees and lamposts sweaters for Green Week. Sadly my holiday was booked for that week so I couldn't oversee it and don't know if it was followed through at all. Even more sadly my flight was delayed by storms so I could have gone back and tried to put the stuff up myself but vegetated at home instead..

- what was far more successful and beautiful was and is MuJew knitting. Because we were the MuJew Theatre first and, because I came straight from knitsoc and was always spilling over with yarn and needles, we had a knitting scene in the play - I'll type it up soon. And this cool knitting scene of us Muslim and Jewish girls knitting and chatting together is staying true after the performance is over..

Mel has become a pro and my little protegee- I can see her getting good and addicted :) And Laura is more like a mentor because I only found out after that she's actually done an embroidery degree and there's an article about her exhibition in this month's Fiberarts magazine. So amazing.

The MuJew guys were too macho to knit but not to request a hat, a kippah and a scarf respectively. I'm quite proud of the kippah cause I made up the pattern and it's way neat.

We're going to begin something together using Baghdad Blue Peace Fleece. This is the description of the yarn:

Baghdad Blue
Like everyone else, we are trying to find an appropriate way to respond to the tragedy of the Iraq War. One answer we have come up with is Baghdad Blue, a vibrant new Peace Fleece color as bright as the desert sky. We will donate all the proceeds of this yarn to two organizations in the Middle East. To our friends at Neve Shalom/Wahat al Salaam , an intentional community in Israel where Palestinians and Israelis families live together every day struggling with the realities of war and peace, and Seeds of Peace, a Palestian-Israeli summer camp based here in Maine.

There was the perfect ebay lot of 7 skeins all ready for me to buy but I got outbid ugh.


mad as a cambridge bicycle said...

zeenat i cannot believe you didn't go to uni for the green wool thingy - disgraceful! you never even mentioned it while you were langouring at home!

genie said...

lol i think i might have mentioned it mildly like :p I have so many knitting tales to tell but now the net is down and I have to use my uni net time to watch House..