Friday, June 01, 2007

100% wools + silks- God bless the factory and charity shops

Abbu brought me huge cones of the most perfect Jayne hat yarns- pure wool but it feels quite rustic and in gorgeous warm earthy colours.
Sooo much better than the acrylic garish hats they sell for $35 apiece online.
And Abbu said they'd been lying around the factory for 10 years so if I wanted to pay him it'd be about £1!!! When I told him it'd be more like £50 if I was lucky anywhere else he didn't believe me.

After my exams today I stopped by the charity shop of silk medieval wedding gowns and picked myself up a lovely new blue silk skirt and bodice. Would've got both for £5 as well but my conscience pricked slightly and told them to check again though they'd already put it through the til. Then a horrid woman from the back came up and acted like i was trying to rip them off- and the old dears at the til looked horrified at her rudeness. Only £12 anyhow and I would have had guilt gnawing at me everytime I wore it if I'd robbed the charity shop. Cause I totally knew the skirt was sold separately and was just acting innocently like 'oh that price is too good to be true- are you quite sure about it?'. If the old ladies had checked and still believed it was a fiver for both, then my conscience would've been fine though so I kinda hate the back room woman for butting in..

ps a few pics of the bounties of the jungle my grandparents brought with them from B'desh..

Baskets and mini-bushels of lychee!

Humungous Spinach leaves

About a million mangoes..

Plus guavas and bangali pittas (the sugary syrup hard biscuit kind) and cooked goat meat smuggled through (!) And all this is before present time! Wow.


Atia said...

hey can i see a pic of this fab wool yarn..and can i have some??

warm as toast said...

lol sure - and I desperately need your winder to begin my enterprise. It may just be that I'm delighted in the context of Jayne hat yarn but you can judge yourself..

SundAe said...

The wool sounds cool. Especially the price ;) Cheapskate that I am. I do feel a mite jealous about the medieval gowns too. Now I want to go charity shop shopping :(

warm as toast said...

i did try calling you babe..

SundAe said...

Aaah, so thats what those calls were about. Its not my fault my phone decided to hide for a few hours. :(

Just wondering, how were your grandparents able to bring all that stuff with them? Aren't regulations about food really strict now? :s

Pink said...

ooh zee, that dress is fantastic!!

how goes revision? or is it going, going, gone?!

peanut said...

hayfever is kinda putting my revision to rout- the medicine leaves me so drowsy and groggy. But otherwise I'll be lizard eyed before the week is out. I'm also going ott with the eyeliner as a preventative strategy against rubbing- works in public but my willpower fizzles out at home