Monday, October 01, 2007

Knitsoc news

Plans have changed slightly - Bikos is sadly not for daytime use this year so we'll be settling down in Concourse cafe in the refectory until the Powers that Be decide to reopen Bikos. It's still the same time Tuesday at 1. There are a few of you who were asking for another time- I might arrange another one if you tell when is good for you. It's not hard for me as I'm willing enough to knit at lunch and bring extra wool and needles along with me.

We were going to have a more settled plan of workshops every other week working through basic techniques but judging by the speed the beginners were learning last week- speeding through the first 3 workshops' worth of skills- i think we'll keep teaching the very basic stuff individually and do special stuff like sock making and colour-work in workshops.

Hopefully we'll be more successful in our Innocent Smoothie hat-making this year Make some and feel free to be adventurous- you may get to be Hat of the Week on their website. I know it's an exciting thought and my secret ambition- but i don't hold out much hope of beating the Army of Grannies they have making them already. Last year the end of the hat-making campaign was a Big Knit fest in a cafe in Arndale- if it's on again we can go..

Also I'm revolving vague plans of visiting a farm or spinning place and learning to spin our own yarn- I've been wanting to learn for ages, and it would be an adventure for the club. Anyone up for it? We could maybe do it during National Knitting Week in October. The Huge and Amazing yearly knitting pilgrimage that is the Knitting and Stitch Show in Alexandra Palace is about mid-October too. I don't know if I could arrange a trip but I wholly recommend it as an initiation into the unbelievable underworld of knitters and fabulous deelicious yarns.

Last year I also had a plan to get everyone to make one square of knitting to put together as a knitsoc blanket- so beginners could learn how to make a simple square and for us to have something to sit on outside and show off as a collective. Plus we could add to it over the years maybe until it grows insanely big.. Not enough people mastered casting-on to make this dream come true before- but I have high hopes for you lot :)

I'll also send you all an invite to our blog
Please do use it to write down your knitterly experiences- like if you got a random hug from a stranger on the train because your knitting endeared you to her so (it happens) I'm sad i didn't take a photo of us out on the grass last week- it would have made a pretty picture.

Now that I have unburdened my Knitsoc Chief 's soul I'll leave you in peace and hope to see you in Concourse on Tuesday!

Zeenat Azmi

fine yes I pasted it from the email- this goes out to all you knitsoccers whose emails bounced back..

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