Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Marvelous Muffs

Having got the previous post out of my system I'm a little exhausted now but am determined to persevere..

This week has been one of unusual coincidence- possibly destiny level but that might be putting it too high. Two days ago I finally knuckled down to making up a muff. I'd bought the softest warmest non-garish purple fur to line it from Abakhan's a couple of weeks back and settled on a nice cable rib for the knitting pattern. It's coming along beautifully-

So yesterday I popped by the Blue Corn (local organic cafe, see below) to see how knitting was going there and settled down to continue my muff. I met Sylvia, who happens to work at the cerebral palsy place opposite my aunt's house on Parsonage road. She was amazed at my making a muff- because she'd been looking everywhere for one for someone she knows who can't use gloves and needed a muff. She explained how she'd made one by rolling up a scarf and adapting it so it was super warm and advised me on the pattern. She also told me some nifty uses for felted alpaca- but I always feel sad about felting expensive yarns because it shrinks so small it seems wasteful.

We discussed the possibilities in muff manufacturing- providing them for the people in the home.. Maybe getting Blue Corners to make them or getting old jumpers hanging around the factory and putting them to good use. She says she does a local cerebral palsy newsletter so we could tell folk about it.

Today's student market is what tipped the balance into unnatural coincidence though. I suddenly beheld there a basket of delicious warm soft purple fur muffs! The girls at the stall had made them using fur from Abakhan's and they were beautiful.. I revealed myself as a wierdo and regaled them with the tale thus far.. I'd left my phone at home but that didn't stop me getting a photo- I went to the SU and got Jazz man's phone:


Atia said...

like the muff! i hope ur making me one...and read my blog re etsy - maybe there lies ur market

tails of a mad cow said...

oh my bob - did you make that muff? It looks spectacular! wow.
Anyway, freakish coincidences always seem to happen to you don't they? I can recall one specific one....MACBETH *argh!*


sleepy said...

argh!!!! "Hot potato,
orchestra stalls,
but we'll make amends!"

koonj said...

very nice muff. er. people still use those?
me, i've got a baby. i need both my hands, and more.

peanut said...

it's somehow so much more satisfying than gloves- it holds my pass and small change and mobile singing songs to me as I walk. I'm not the only one who has discovered the joy of the handmuff - if i go into production I'm sure the demand will outstrip supply.

Pink said...

wow the muff looked even better in real life than in the pic - i'd be tempted to try one, except winter's almost over... tho' this yr winter does seem freakishly long - or am i jst getting impatient to start wearing my summer sandals?

who knows... anyway, main thing i wanted to say was - totally forgot abt meeting up for LI marquee!! sorry, my fault, completely slipped my mind - however, good news is that md said we have a bigger budget now inshaAllah - will u be coming to london wt bse on 24th? md and tab are stayin over at our flat, if u come we could go for dinner after exec mtg and discuss marquee n all...

txt or email me, ws x

Anonymous said...

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